Our response to the situation in Afghanistan

Access to learning​

The heart-breaking images coming out of Afghanistan from 2021 to this day follow decades of war and hardship in a country where generations have never known peace.

Today 2.2 million Afghans are registered in Iran and Pakistan, with another 3.5 million people internally displaced, having fled their homes searching for refuge within the country.

Kashfi’s Children has a relationship with Afghanistan dating back many years. Our non-profit’s founder Safia Shah and her siblings grew up hearing stories from Afghanistan. Safia’s father was the Afghan writer and thinker Idries Shah, whose teaching stories were collected from and inspired by those of Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Today, Kashfi’s Children and Hoopoe Books use Shah’s stories to bring education and thought to children and women in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, who would otherwise have little or no access to learning.