Why dress up when you can dress down?​

With lives as busy as many of us lead, the thought of a dressy evening out might not appeal. But a mug of hot chocolate and a good story shared with friends might be a more 

attractive thought.

In which case, an anti-gala might be just the ticket.  

Fundraisers often turn to fancy events to raise money. However, lavish evenings of this kind cost a large amount to host and take a whole team to prepare and execute.

A way around this is to focus on an ‘Anti-Gala’. This deliberately informal gathering has guests pitching in to become co-hosts.

A good example would be a Storytellers’ picnic, in which guests exchange stories, share the catering and use an outdoor space, or a public inside space to congregate. Another is a pyjama party, where children come with their favourite toys to listen to bedtime stories and have an early-evening ‘midnight’ feast or a cup of hot chocolate.

Like the sound of an Anti-Gala?

Here are our top tips: