The camera isn’t always kind

We’re so used to seeing perfectly posed pictures on social media that embarrassing photos are a sure fire way to get attention.

What photo are you prepared to post to get the donations flooding in?

Here are our top tips:

Why stop there?

You can even call on regional press to spread the word about your fundraiser and the difference you will be making for children. Consider expanding the competition by linking it to local media’s social pages (making sure to ask for donations).

Swamped with hilarious entries? Consider gaining permission to a produce book or  wall calendar. There are countless services for this offered online. And sales could lead to more donations.

Prefer to run something super simple?

Guess the baby photo 

Matching your workmates, fellow parents, school teachers and others with baby photographs is a guaranteed way to raise some cash. Get a baby photo from as many people as you can. Use social media, workplace noticeboards, and school newsletters to run the quiz. Create an entry form with all the numbers of the photos on it, a list of names and space for entrants to put a name next to each photo. It’s really easy to organise and should be plenty of fun.

Spread the word!  Social media is the place to host your competition. Community pages, town pages, and parent’s groups, are the perfect place to advertise. Get creative with your posts, tell people you are raising money for storybooks for children in need and ask them to share your post. The great thing about an online competition is that it doesn’t have to remain local. Remember to link to Kashfi’s Children.